Week 2 Prompt: Market on Wheels, Ho!

On Wednesday, we’ll be defining the shape, roles, and responsibilities of our service learning project. In order to understand the project in all of its complexity, please visit the sites below about similar projects. Scour them up and down, and if you’d like, do your own searching for more.

Once you’ve completed that work, in your blog post, try to start a conversation and really respond to other classmates posting before you.

This week’s posts need not be superbly crafted literary works. Instead, I would suggest listing things we need to consider,  possible challenges we’ll face, and all of the facets of the project that we’ll need further research. End by elaborating on what interests you most. On Wednesday, we’re going to make a Blackboard map of the project and get down to business.

Mobile Market Links:

Arcadia Mobile Market
Make sure to particularly look at their annual reports; they’ve been very helpful for the Market on Wheels Committee.

St. Louis Metro Market
This is the market we’ll be visiting together as a class.

Mills City Grows
Tara and I spend a lot of time on this site. Though I’ve linked you directly to their Mobile Market page, they also have annual reports at another location on the site that are a help.

Rooftop Garden Links:

Food Roof St. Louis

Gateway Greening’s Blog on Garden Soxx

Heirloom Organics

Seattle Urban Farm Co.

Tara may have some other links for us to hit up; she researches constantly, so I’m hoping she’ll post too!

A rooftop project in association with Seattle Urban Farm Co.

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